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ViceLeaker Operation: mobile espionage targeting Middle East

Current In May 2018, we discovered a campaign targeting dozens of mobile Android devices belonging to Israeli citizens. Kaspersky spyware sensors caught the signal of an attack from the device of one of the victims; and a hash of the APK involved (Android application) was tagged in our sample feed for inspection. Once we looked into the file, we quickly found out that the inner-workings of the APK included a malicious payload, embedded in the original code of the application. This was an original spyware program, designed to exfiltrate almost all accessible information.
Backgroud No operating system is safe from malware, as cyber criminals will always want to steal, spy or tamper with your data. The proliferation of Android devices – from smartphones to tablets and smart TVs – has opened up new possibilities for malware developers, as all these devices pack microphones, cameras and location-tracking hardware they can turn into the perfect spy tools. Bitdefender researchers have ident…

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