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VLAN hopping attack.

Mandarin SkyNet?

Total intelligence witch hunt opened again. Maria Butina - reincarnation of Anna Chapman?

Russia runs non proper vuln. dB?

After indictment Russian hackers lives changed forever.

Indictment: 12 Russian Intelligence Officers for hacking offenses related to the 2016 ElectionHack

Ukraine continues paying the price. Critical industrial infrastructure in danger.

Facebook Inc. fined £0.5M in .uk over Cambridge Analytica story.

HackRF Circuit Board - New Universal Case for Devs & Pentesters

Federal's fail cause to leak sensetive military operational documents.

End of .lb "Al Akhbar!".

Shady story of .mil dropbox leak.

Ban for Spanish mumbo jumbo business

Intel delivered again - Spectre v1.1/2

Yet another APT back pwn'ing Palestinian cyber-targets.

BlackTech APT steal D-Link's certificate to sign their shady binaries.

Epicfail of Former NSO Employee. Arrested After Attempting to Sell Spyware for $50 Million.

Hamas lures .il soldiers install malware applications.

Bypass auth on HP iLo4 servers.

Release of open-source 4G stack announced: srsLTE 18.06.

Panoptispy: Characterizing Audio and Video Exfiltration from Android Applications

Watch of Famed Israeli Spy Eli Cohen Recovered by Mossad.

Cryptojacking invades cloud. How modern containerization trend is exploited by attackers

Security Flaws Disclosed in LTE (4G) Mobile Telephony Standard

Newer Diameter Telephony Protocol Just As Vulnerable As SS7

Iranian APT Poses As Israeli Cyber-Security Firm That Exposed Its Operations

320M .us marketing leak

i2p on C++